Karnataka worries about school dropouts and low admissions, the worsening economic condition and online mode of education could have been a key reason

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The schools in Karanataka have started to worry about the dropout rates and low admission in schools during this pandemic situation. The inability to provide mid-day meals, the low economic condition, and the online mode of education could be the reason behind the situation.

Decrease in admisson rate

The schools in Karnataka have seen a sudden decrease in the rate of admissions in schools. Also in addition to this, the rate of dropouts has also been increasing in the state. Experts say that the worsening economic conditions and rising online educational modes might be the reason behind the matter.

The government schools have found regular dropout rates as the schools are not able to provide any mid-day meals for the students. And this might have made the children coming from economically backward communities to terminate schooling.

Expecting further dip in rates

As per the private schools, a lack of newer admissions has been found. While discussing the situation, Shashi Kumar of the Karnataka Associated Managements of Primary and Secondary Schools in Karnataka has said that “As per our own estimate, last year, pre-primary admission was down to a mere 5%. And for classes 1-5, only about 40% of students registered and attended classes. With the lockdown continuing, and a third wave expected later this year, we are expecting a further dip in admissions,” 

Another report adds that, before the pandemic, one out of every eight students enrolled in a school or college tended to drop out midway without completing his/her education. About 62% of all dropouts happened at the school level, a survey by the National Statistical Office (NSO) of the Government of India revealed.

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Focus on educational programs

Whereas the teachers are not fully convinced. “The cash benefit is too little (₹3.33 per day). And even if they get it, the hassle of going to a bank will deter them. The government needs to have more focused educational programs which encourage them to attend classes say, teachers.

What do you feel about the current situation of schools in Karnataka? Is the same condition prevalant in other states too?

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