Kim seems to have resumed his alliance with nuclear warheads. Satellite imagery shows a new nuclear weapon factory installed in Pyongyang

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Critics feel that this might be an attempt of a threat to US president Biden to lift the sanctions which have created bad blood between the countries till now.

Loud and big toys?

Kim is the 3rd generation strongman of the country of North Korea and has been a regular host for nuclear weaponry. In spite of numerous pacts and treaties signed against the possession of such weapons from the UN, the man has been regularly violating them. Recently, Kim on the 75th year anniversary of the worker’s party was seen shedding tears as a gesture of apology to the people on account of his faulty administration in making the lives of people better. But again, the irony hit when Kim showcased newer ‘loud and big ‘toys in the rally rather than discussing subjects like food and the wellbeing of the people.

A territory of own principles

Along with other controversies that he and his past Kims have faced in a non-cooperative mindset with the other countries of the world, he has made his country stand alone in the world countries unison.

With all the regrets that the country receives from other nations of the world, Kim has been a cool off to all those comments and has established territory of his own and his own principles.

Prepared to handle radioactive waste

And now a new headline has made the top with a new nuclear weaponry plant has been installed at the Pyongyang and this might be an attempt to shake off a little cool from the US president Biden’s side. Experts believe that the plant had started production in February this year. The Director-General of the International Atomic Energy Agency has warned that some nuclear facilities in North Korea continue to operate. But the 38 North website that posted satellite images is also saying that the particular facility may also be “prepared to handle radioactive waste”.

American intervention

And now it’s in the hands of the US president Joe Biden to decide what to do with this burden as some might even say, negotiations are not the virtue over here.

World leaders have sent their regret over the nuclear plant functioning and have sent warnings to the people concerned.

What do you feel about the new nuclear plant in DPRK? Will this mark a new wave of tension on the countries?

Comment your thoughts on nuclear warheads and their association with DPRK.

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