A natural elegancy: let’s pay a visit to Seychelles

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Have you seen the movie Life of Pi? Such a wonderfully composed movie with natural visuals so beautiful that in spite of the plot of the move, we would definitely feel to visit such a place at least once in our lives. But as it was all green mats and CGI, thanks to the wonderful graphics team behind; that dream of us can wait. But! We sure have an alternative. A true elegant place surrounded by water all around.  And yes, let’s pay a visit to the Seychelles.

Off East Africa – Seychelles

The Seychelles is a group of 115 islands together forming an archipelago in the Indian Ocean off east Africa. The islands has been recognised and has a unique own country flag of its own. The capital of the island is a place called Victoria. The currency here is the Seychellois rupee. Though the country is mainly noted for its tourist attractions, the country has a well-structured government that has promised its citizens a safe place to live. The present President of the country is Danny Faure.

Home to beaches and reefs

Seychelles is the home to a vast number of beaches and coral reefs along with its distinctive bio diversity. The ecology of the country has gifted it the rare giant Aldabra tortoises to its shores. The country also have mountain rainforests that too have a peculiar set of birds and animals one can never see in other places om earth.  The beaches gives a touch of an exotic sea life. With clear blue waters all around. It does truly make it a paradise on earth.


According to the World Bank’s country profile on Seychelles, the island nation earned $1.4 billion dollars in GDP last year, with the majority of its income coming from tourism, fisheries and the offshore financial industry. The majority of the occupations are associated with tourism in Seychelles and hence people can find an ocean of tourism related corporations over there.

The Seychelles is definitely a place to visit if you are a Hodophile.  People generally plan over vacations and honey moons for the romantic night setup of the country.

What do you know about Seychelles? Have you visited before or planning to?

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