Manichandra – A story of passion and perseverance

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Mr. Manichandra, the most aspiring and moving sentimental story one can possibly hear is the experience and the stories from another human being. In a quest to understand the beauty of humanity and to interpret the amazing lives of many successful pioneers, Focus chronicle has built a bridge between and our readers through our interviews. And here is one such story of a young dance icon from Tamilnadu, India.

FC Interviewer: If one takes a closer look at the alchemy of successful people, two distinct virtues pop up; Desire,  perseverance, and hard work. The star of today’s interviewers Mr. Manichandra has been honored with the Jodi title and has been the semifinalist in many famed danced shows. He is someone who follows his passion with full dedication. In this interview, we are going to talk to him about his story on choosing dance as a career.

FC Interviewer:  To begin with, what inspired you to become a dancer?

Guest:  It all started from the regional ‘Temple Cart festival’. So I used to dance in cart festivals since I was 10 years old where the local music band inspired me a lot. And I know during cart festival, they celebrate a lot in front of the deity’s idol. And that is how I got inspired. And I also got inspired by the famed Tamil actor, Vijay sir and then from Sandy master who is Sandy Anna for me.  

FC Interviewer: How did you get to know that dancing is the actual thing for you?

Guest: Actually, I found that Dance is my love and foe during and school days itself! As I started participating in various school cultural events followed by college events. Then, my interest in dance kept on rising after I started choreographing in schools and colleges.

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Fc Interviewer: How did your journey from being a school/college dancer go all the way to taking part in television reality shows?

Guest: The point where I started choreographing is when I thought to take part in a television reality show, starting off with my first show. Mannada Mayilada Season 10 which was also my first show aired on a Tamil channel, Kalaingyar. Thereafter, I took part on my next show, Jodi No 1 Season 9 pairing with Felina Lobo which was aired on Vijay Tv followed by Kings of Dance which was again aired on Vijay TV.  

FC Interviewer:  The most important thing for a dancer is stamina. How do you ensure you stay strong and fit enough to perform?

Guest: It is achieved by practicing daily.  “Practice, practice, practice your way”

FC Interviewer:  Practice is a word and for a dancer. It’s an emotion, right?

Guest:   It is also an emotion, but it has become a daily routine. You know, eating and sleeping practices.

FC Interviewer: Have you ever thought of quitting dance at some point?  

Guest: Never! I desired this art at a very young age when I was doing my schooling, so I decided I’m going to do this my whole life. So I never thought of quitting it.

FC Interviewer:  Describe your best performance ever in your career so far?

Guest:  I don’t actually know, because every time I do choreography; I don’t think about judges or the audience. I’ll always get satisfied myself. Coming to the point, my best performance was in Vijay TV where I performed in a round (Solli adi). I liked myself there and still, I’ll describe that my best number is yet to come as I’m still a learner.

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FC Interviewer: Thank you Mr. Manichandra for your time and attention in answering us. We really appreciate this and we wish you to become the one whom you aspire to become in your career and sure inspire many young minds as you do.

Guest: Yes, thank you for inviting me, and hope I was resourceful.

And that was another inspiration tale from the prolific dancer from Tamilnadu. And that’s with today’s interview. Join us in our future expeditions in discovering humanity and focusing on the bright side of hard work and life. Comment your thoughts and feed backs about the interview and be sure to follow us on Instagram.

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