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MP’s test positive for COVID, monsoon sessions might conclude next week

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MP’s tested positive for COVID last week

With more than 30 MP’s tested positive for COVID last week, the monsoon sessions of the Parliament is likely to conclude by next week, sources said. Also the restrictions on social distancing have also become stringent after the spreading took place inside the houses.

positive for COVID
Union ministers got affected

The monsoon sessions of the Parliament have begun shortly and it seems that in spite of the safety protocols issues by the government, there has been spreading even inside the both parliament houses. More than 30 MP’s have tested positive for COVID which includes the present union ministers Nitin Gadkari and Prahlad Patel, last week.

A general sense of terror

As people inside the houses have tested for COVID there has raised an immediate sense of terror with the other members of the Parliament as well in attending the sessions as well. In the midst of the issue, the current head speaker on the Corona debate, Vinay Sahasrabuddhe, has also confirmed on Thursday that he has been found positive for COVID after he had a slight head ache.

Derek o’ Brien said

On account of the situation, Trinamool Congress party MP, Derek O’Brien has wished him a fast recovery and has advised the other members who were seated near him to maintain self-isolation until they get tested negative.

He has also said that the head speaker on corona debate has delivered a speech from Treasury benches and could have spent time in the lobby house and central hall post to his speech there.

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A chance to conclude earlier

Sources say that, there have been 11 ordinances announced in the parliament which were released during the lockdown period. And if the ordinances are passed in both houses, there is a chance that the sessions will conclude earlier that estimated and that is next week.

Government will stress on finishing the session next week

Owing to these incidents, there have been news that the government will try to urge the issue within next week. Also, the houses have been instructed a new set of restrictions in conducting the sessions which included the functioning of the houses even in Sundays. 

The new set of instructions include the testing of COVID prior to every seating and the maintenance of social distance even at waiting hours.

The COVID protection will be issued only for the Parliamentary staff, the MP’s, media persons and the speakers. And no former members will be allowed without permission. Unnecessary gatherings are also prohibited strictly inside the parliament premises.

Rajya Shabha chairperson said

The Rajya Shabha chairperson, M Venkaiah Naidu and the Lok Shabha speaker Om Birla have lately said that the members should follow the guidelines said by the government without fail to avoid any further spreading.

With this said, there can be an expectation that the government will seek the option to end the session earlier.

What do you feel about the present scenario taking place in the monsoon sessions? Will there be more increase in cases? Comment your thoughts down and join us in the discussion.

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