Mutual funds could help manage the COVID depression better

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The economic deppression caused by the pandemic is highly imminent all over the world. Around 4.5% of economic depreesion was seen all over the country. In other words it is estimated to be around 3.94 trillion US dollars loss for the entire global trade and services.

High price tags over medicinal and other healthcare supplies

And in these tough times, mutual funds with good returns could be the best friend to hallow the effect of the depression as various economists say. While this is on one hand, for countries like India; the pandemic has not only shook the medical arena but also the cost to test and treat those who are affected by the virus. This is because of the high price tags attached with the vaccines and other medical supplies necessary in treating the COVID 19.

Economic urgency

And in this point of medical and economic urgency, the MF’s or mutual funds seem to be a go-to option for every person in the world from wealthy businessmen to salary-based workers. This is because of its low loss benefit and other attractive perks. Also, according to various economic sources, it is a fact that mutual funds are the only way, the economic depression can be ended and the world can stand again strongly by all means.

While this is a matter of concern on 1 side, some economists also advise cautiously that the newer lockdowns with higher restrictions will bring the business down there by will pull down the stock market.

Equity funds to the rescue

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And in order to save something in these tougher times, investment specialists advise the public to invest minimal proportions on equity funds and other liquidity-providing mutual funds, where the withdraw can be done even in 24 hours. In addition to these returns, this amount which might get matured over a period of time will be sufficient to stand up for the expenses for 6-8 months for a regular family where many could lose jobs in the upcoming situations.

Also, with the economic uncertainity, it is very important that the point of trade is totally based on different motives for different people of the world. Survival is the basic aspect of money as per the new pandemic situation.

The growing interest in Indian markets

In all these tough and confusing times, the only ray of hope for the Indian people is the constantly developing market values with higher SENSEX and Nifty. Foreign investors have shown high interest in Indian markets based on this stat and it is important that it must be exploited by the Indian masses too.

What do you feel about the current and future economic uncertainity? Will the country and the world bounce back soon?

Comment your thoughts below and join us in the discussion.

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