No chance for rejoining back in the party for Sasikala – Says EPS after his meet with the Prime minister

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Sasikala, the former general secretary of the AIADMK who suffered imprisonment for the past 4 years is all set to get released this January 27th. Her return might make a great toll in the 2021 elections.  

No chance

Tamil Nadu CM, EPS went on to meet the Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi a few days back; and on his return, he made a solid statement about the resurrection of Sasikala, post her release from jail. He said that there is no chance for Sasikala to reenter the party on any grounds. There have been sources saying that the release of Sasikala will have a major impact on AIADMK and the election itself. Sasikala is closely watched now as she might use her sentiments and her relationship with the former CM of TN, Jayalalitha in order to gain mileage over the support EPS has established. And this might be an issue for the current ruling sector and all the supporting forces of it.

Made EPS the CM of Tamil Nadu

Sasikala, a major face in the TN on political grounds found herself jailed for her assets in a proportionate case, 4 years back. And this happened immediately after she gained her position as the General Secretary of the AIADMK. And also during her term before prison, she made EPS, the CM of TN.

Trust and support of the TN people

And now with almost the tenure completed, EPS has developed some trust and support in the minds of the people. But the party fears that there might be some irregularities happening in their future plans when Sasikala enters the scene.

The BJP?

EPS is also pressured by other factors as believed by some people that; the BJP who is in alliance with the AIADMK might be making EPS to push Sasikala and her family members from the party permanently. And now with the current meeting with the PM might just have escalated the issue, sources say.

Sudden health issues

Sasikala has gone through 4 years imprisonment and a fine of 10 crores on her case, which she earlier paid and is all set to get released by January 27th. And now a new issue is emerged, as Sasikala had suffered sudden breathing troubles yesterday twice in her jail and has been admitted to the hospital yesterday. No official statement has been filed by the hospital on her health so far.

What will happen if Sasikala enters TN once again? Will there be more drama?

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