Petrol prices were reduced by 3 rupees in Tamil Nadu after the budget made it official

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The budget 2021 presented by the Tamil Nadu government yesterday announced a remarkable scheme where the price of petrol was reduced by 3 rupees. The public has given a positive response to the announcement.

Debut experience as Finance minister

The first-ever paperless budget was presented yesterday by the Finance minister of Tamil Nadu, P.T.R. Palanivel Thiagarajan who had his debut experience in the operation. The minister included several other schemes along with this where several election promises were fulfilled.

One of the other major points the budget had was the providing monthly assistance of ₹1,000 to female members who were genuinely meet the criteria. The budget made it clear that there will be no further questions asked to the female members on their names on the paternal state.

Economic nobels in the team

The state’s revenues stand at ₹2,60,409.26 crore and expenditure is estimated at ₹2,61,188.57 crore which needs to be cared into as soon as possible. And as a matter of fact to stabilize the condition the government of Tamil Nadu appointed a committe with leading economic specialists which also incudes a nobel prize winner on economy to meet up with the economy of Tamil nadu.

The policies

The budget further included policies such as

  1. ₹8,000 crore increase in food subsidy
  2. ₹6,607.17 crore for irrigation. The government will also approach the World Bank and Asian Development Bank for project funding
  3. Allocation of ₹2,000 crore for providing drinking water through Jal Shakthi scheme
  4. A new defence industrial park in Coimbatore spread across 500 acres. ₹3,000 crore investment expected
  5. ₹703 crore subsidy for free bus travel for women
  6. Tree planting drives across the state as part of a massive, 10-year green movement
  7. The Chief Minister’s Insurance Scheme to be implemented this year at a cost of ₹1,046 crore
  8. ₹5 crore to continue excavation at state archaeological sites, including Keeladi
  9. Approval for three new flyovers in Chennai
  10. Fresh impetus to MGNREGS. About 25 crore man-days of work to be guaranteed
  11. ₹3,800 crore for rural housing
  12. 100 wetlands to be identified for restoration at a cost of ₹100 crore in the next five years
  13. Climate change mitigation measures at a cost of ₹500 crore
  14. 405 crore for fire departments
  15. 10 new arts and science colleges to be opened this year
  16. ₹ 5,369.09 crore allocation for higher education
  17. ₹762.23 crore towards marriage assistance for women
  18. Maternity leave period extended to 12 months from nine months
  19. The state will bear the education costs of children who lost their parents in the pandemic
  20. ₹48.48 crore allocated for upgrading anganwadi centre
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What are your concerns following the budget? Will this balance the economic condition of Tamil nadu?

Comment your thoughts below and join us in the discussion.

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