Pon Radhakrishnan named as the candidate for Kanyakumari for the Lok Shaba by-poll by the BJP

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The BJP has named Pon Radhakrishnan as the candidate contesting in the by-poll elections for Kanyakumari which will be held on the same day as the assembly elections of the state on April 6th this year.

Already won twice

Owing to the demise of the past congress MP Vasanthakumar of the Kanyakumari constituency, the BJP has now named one of its senior leaders and past minister Pon Radhakrishnan as the new candidate for the seat earlier this week.

The by-polls are expected to happen on the same date as the assembly elections of the state. The state has been given to him as he had already won twice and will not be a completely new arena for him.

20 seats

The state of Kanyakumari has been given to the BJP as one among the 20 seats promised by the AIADMK. There have been really long discussions amongst both parties on the seat-sharing for the elections and currently, they have finalized talks.

The BJP on the other hand had said that they are neither happy nor sad on the seats provided, yet their major aim will be on winning the seats.

What do you feel about this move from the BJP? Will this prove a fortune to them?

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