Recovery rate Skyrockets: West Bengal joins the positive club among the ten other states of the country

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Recovery rate skyrocketed to 87.05%

With the pandemic situation sustained for the past 8 months, the country has come forth with better treatment methodologies which have helped certain Indian states to stand against the pandemic a lot strongly and now, the state of West Bengal has added its name to the list of states which has high recovery rate.

The recovery rate of West Bengal has skyrocketed to a surprising and satisfying 87.05% and has let the state to join the list of states with maximum cases and yet managing to have a high recovery rate. This list also comprises of states such as Tamilnadu, Bihar, etc.
The Pandemic continues to slow down

The pandemic condition has been declining in WB for the past 44 days and because of this, the infection rate has been decremented from 1.73% to 1.58% which is a great achievement from the state. This value is an average value calculated in the state lately. The recovery rate was monitored on Sunday last week by the state’s health sector.

414 deaths last week

Though the state achieved this milestone of recovery rate, the state also filed 414 deaths last week. This number is however believed to get reduced soon, an official said. Also, an interesting and encouraging sign was seen that the fatality rate has constantly reduced in the last 3 months in the state when compared with the previous fatality rate.

The Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare, Ashwini Kumar Choubey has recently said in Rajya Shabha that the state of West Bengal had the 4th highest number of COVID treatment centres in India along with a few other developed states.

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1,224 treatment facilities and 84,510 ICU beds

The state has a healthy 1,224 treatment facilities and 84,510 ICU beds all over the state. Which has supported the state in treating the infected patients a lot safely and efficiently.

North Bengal still under depression

Though West Bengal has achieved a great deal of recovery rate, the condition of North Bengal is still worsening, especially in the places of Malda. There are about 290 active cases and a shocking 638 patients under treatment for now.

The country is responding strongly against the COVID impact and for now, there are certain hotspots to be concentrated in the country. In this serious situation, the increasing recovery rate is a good news for whole nation. And we could expect a further increment in the upcoming months.

The nation’s attempts to find a vaccine is also under analysis is another support for the medical bodies of the nations. 

What do you feel about the increment of recovery rate in the nation? Will there be an even much faster recovery soon?

Comment your thoughts below and join us in the discussion below.

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