Restrictions resurrect as the Delta strain compels WHO to issue a severe warning globally.

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The WHO has quoted the situation as a very dangerous period’ for all and has asked everyone to maintain safety all over the world. Reports state that the new strain has been found in almost 100 countries as of now.

WHO – A very dangerous period

The World Health Organisation (WHO) stated on Friday that the world is moving to a very dangerous period after the Delta strain identified over 100 countries globally.

The strain that was initially found in India has now spread all over the world at an alarming pace. And now, many countries around the world are set to implement more restrictions and lockdowns to ensure that the chain is broken and the spreading is reduced somehow.

90% of the cases in the UK

The variant has also been responsible for 90% of the cases in the UK. Germany, on the other hand, has completely vaccinated 35 per cent of its population and has declared Portugal a “virus-variant zone” banning most arrivals from the country except its own citizens and imposed a mandatory two-week quarantine for all travellers.

The country of Spain on the other hand has been reporting a 20 per cent increase in the incidence of Delta variant cases, with regional health officials predicting that the strain could be dominant within two to four weeks. But the country has stopped compulsory wearing of masks outdoors.

Ban for domestic gatherings

Countries like South Africa has imposed a ban for domestic gatherings and alcohol sales for 14 days owing to the Delta variant spreading. International flights have been banned for several countries including Japan from the UK starting July 1.

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Taiwan had just reported its first case by last Saturday and has announced new restrictions for people arriving from seven “high-risk countries”: Bangladesh, Britain, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Israel and Peru.

What do you feel about the current rising in the Delta cases worldwide? Will the lockdowns control the hike?

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