Must-read Book in 2020: The power of subconscious Mind

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The power of subconscious Mind

– By DR. Joseph Murphy

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

“The mind is everything

                 What you think you become”

The power of subconscious Mind book mainly about if you realize how powerful your thoughts are you would never think a negative thought”

 This book mostly explains about how our mind works and how one can control his mind and explain the wonders of your inner thoughts.

The power of subconscious Mind book is regarded as one of the best book in self development.

This book mainly deals with mind; there are two types of mind – conscious mind and Subconscious mind. Book explains more about your Subconscious mind how powerful it can be:

  • The book takes you to the thought were you can easily change your way of thinking. This book provides a lot of stories about people who changed their life by changing their process of thinking
  • The thing I like about this book is there is a lot of information impaired in the book it is very easier to read because it is broke into many small sections making the book much easier to read
  • The thing which really taught me is we need to only have good positive thoughts and incorporate thoughts like love, compassion, hope, joy, cooperation, happiness etc for a happy life. It is not easy as it sounds, but we have to follow daily till it becomes a habit

 Surely that habit can be a life changer


Overall it is a best book for self development, growth and mental peace. There is only one drawback. It is lengthy and repetitive of topics but it doesn’t matter.

Still it is a great book and a must read one.

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