The stranger Trilogy

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The stranger Trilogy
The stranger Trilogy


                          Novoneel chakraborty

Marry me stranger

All yours stranger

Forget me not stranger

genre :- Fiction, Thriller

I am a huge thriller fan, It gives me chills. So i searched for a book in a thriller genre and came across this book series called “The stranger trilogy” by Novoneel chakraborty

Though I am already impressed by his previous books “Roses are blood red” So i bought this book. The book “The Stranger Trilogy” revolves around a girl rivannah who is the protagonist of the book. A young software engineer from an middle class family in kolkata has to move out of the comfort zone for her job in mumbai.

 Her calm life suddenly takes a turn after she landed in mumbai and things she has to go through in a new city. The antagonist of the story “The stranger” who is a anonymous guy who stalks and manipulate her to do certain things which she would never thought of doing. As the story progresses, she startes to decode the messages given by stranger and realizes the stranger is someone who is connected with her past. Whenever she tries to capture the stranger but everytime oversmarts her.

How will Rivannah catch the stranger and how her past incidents that she can’t remember is connected with the stranger that curiosity takes us till the end. The characters other than rivannah and stranger are not given much spotlight. The just play their part.

If you start reading the book it is difficult to keep it aside. It is binge reading kind of book.

Verdict :-

It would recommended the book for thriller fans and beginers . There are many things in the story that doesn’t add up when thinking logically there are some mistakes but it is a fictional book.

The stranger Trilogy makes justice with its genre and even though it is fictional book the author provides many relationship and life advices with real case scenario.


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