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The star of today’s interview is Praveen Raj. He’s an IT Professional, Flim Director, Social enthusiast, You-tuber, Traveller and Blogger. He is simply incredible! He makes many web series and Rowdy Dog is one of his famous web series. He is someone you can learn a lot, he is a great example of hard work and determination for anyone who wants to balance passion and profession.

In this interview, we are talking to him about his life and YouTube journey.

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Rowdy dog

FC Team: First tell us about yourself ?

Praveen: I work in IT. I came to Canada about 9 years ago. Movie-making was something always behind my mind. So I started learning camera and stuff, freelance work with a camera and then slowly I was getting into short films. And Kavya is my wife and we adopted a dog his name is Rowdy.

We used to discuss in-home like what rowdy dog would think in his mind and then eventually we thought okay, why don’t we make a web series. And the dog’s lip movement was something new, which I wanted to try. But that takes a lot of work, right? Because you have that frame by frame. And then we did our first episode, it came out very well. And we got a lot of positive reviews and that’s how our journey began.

FC Team: How did you come into YouTube?

Praveen: Yeah, I started before three years, actually on Facebook, we had a page called tamizha foundation and that started during jallikattu movement. I posted a lot of political videos on the page. On Facebook we got a lot of support. We had about 35,000 followers at that time, videos which I posted hit a million views. But we had very fewer subscribers at that time. And then after a year, I left it aside from the channel and we didn’t post any content for about two years because I was busy with business and moving around and so I didn’t concentrate and one fine day my buddy called me and said “Hey, you know what, many people are doing YouTube videos these days. You did it too for three years ago and if you continue then you would have got so many followers” Then I said why not and we started it slowly? And I became active in the YouTube channel.

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FC Team: Shooting with Humans itself is a tedious task but you are shooting with the dog so how much effort is needed?

Praveen: So yeah, that’s the tricky part with this. It’s a simple technique where we make the dog sit at one place and if we have a treat like chicken in our hand, he’ll say whatever we asked him to do. We asked him to sit, he’ll be sitting and he will know because he wants the treat if he moves, he won’t get it. The efforts taken to shoot the rowdy dog in stable motion is pretty easy. But if you want to make him like, move here and there, stand up, those are the hard ones because sometimes he won’t understand us. And sometimes if he feels sleepy, then he won’t listen to anyone and you won’t be able to make it. So you need lots of patience for that. Dog’s lip-sync was another hard part. So I take about two to three weeks to produce one episode.

FC Team: What is the best compliment you ever received?

Praveen: I receive lots of good comments on youtube and Kids loves rowdy dog web series. We get lots of audio’s from kids. Some Random people use to send me videos, of their kid watching the series. That’s my Happiness.

FC Team: How is your life after Rowdy Dog Web Series?

Praveen: People started calling me Jeeva and my friend’s kids even though they know me as Praveen in the past but then automatically everybody started calling me Jeeva and also Kavya as Swati so that’s pretty surprising. People started recognizing us. Initially rowdy dog web series was my relaxation but now it’s about work because people are expecting the rowdy dog web series. So I to balance my profession and web series. Have to post it within the timeline.

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FC Team: Can you tell me about your upcoming projects?

Praveen: We are working on a romantic web series. And we have another web series called Horror Kadhali, which we have three episodes, which was shot in India, I produced that web series. But due to Covid19, we had to pause it. We are hoping to start the shooting in September. We have another couple of romantic web series which we are writing.

Focus Chronicle team wishes you all the very best for all your upcoming projects. Thank you, Praveen. Your Journey would be truly an inspiration for all the upcoming You-tubers.


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