Sarathkumar join hands with Kamal on a vision on opposing the Dravidian giants of the state

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Kamal on a mission to join the smaller parties together and form a powerful alliance against the majorities have now stepped forward and have joined hands with his friend and earlier comrade Sarathkumar in forming a team for the upcoming election.

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While asking the major political critics on this rare conjunction, they feel no significant change in the  current political faces of the  state. But yet, with Kamal’s previous victory over districts coming as the third major vote seeker has definitely gained some confidence amongst the supporters of MNM.

Makkal virumbum kootani

Earlier while thanking Sarathkumar for his decision to make Kamal as the CM candidate, he also tweeted that this alliance will be the people’s favorite or Makkal virumbum kootani which rhymes with ‘Makkal nala koottani’ (People’s Welfare Alliance) which was formed in 2016, but met with a debacle.

Kamal seems to be highly energetic this election unlike his earlier venture as he has already gained power and trust among the people of Tamil nadu and this election might prove him well as well.

No big deal

Kamal on one hand moving his steps towards the main stream, other parties feel that he will not be a big deal in the big picture as the dominance of the  two Dravidian paries have been a greater talk for over half a century. And kamal earlier said that he focuses in breaking down the prominence rule this time.

What do you feel about the alliance between Kamal and Sarathkumar? Will this be the victory alliance?

Comment your thoughts below and join us in the discussion.

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