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Facebook join hands with Ray-Ban and a few other eye wear companies in creating the world’s first consumer friendly ‘Smart glasses’

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Facebook in a press meet this Wednesday announced that, they are working on building a prototype on Smart glasses , with an alliance with the eye wear firm, Essilor Luxottica. This smart glass project named as ‘Aria’, will hit the market by next year, they said.

the world’s first consumer friendly ‘Smart glasses’
Futuristic eye wear that connects augmented reality

The Ray-Ban eyewear, has took the infant steps into a futuristic eyewear blending with augmented reality that bridges graphics from the internet, said the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. “They are the next step in smart glasses and they look pretty good too”, he remarked later.

Project named as ‘Aria’

The Facebook CEO also calls this project by the name ‘Aria’ wherein the engineers have found a way to combine ‘Occulus’, the tech’s own augmented reality setup with the regular glasses that we use. The technical specifications of the device is not yet disclosed publicly however.

 Smart glasses
This project is a blend of

The project is a blending of tech between Facebook, Luxottica brands and Essilor lens which will very soon help people reach out to their loved ones more effectively. Also, Zuckerberg said that there is a lot of work pending in the conjunction of a glass with sophisticated AR.

Also Facebook has stressed that the company is looking deep into the privacy issues which might arise as the Smart glasses will be installed with smart cameras on it. And such privacy issues can be catastrophic which also made the same project done by Google, a flop 7 years ago, they said.

Some of the practical issues are

Some of the practical issues that arises as the tech finds its shape include the fixing of highly sensitive sensors, positioning of sophisticated cameras, securing them properly and not giving the glass a geeky outlook as well, the firm said lately.

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Also, for a practical real life testing, the glasses will be used by 100 selected volunteers in and around San Francisco and Seattle areas according to Facebook. Through this the company will make prior adjustments to make the device a more consumer capable. The price of the glasses are not yet determined but it is expected that we might get an estimate towards the end of the year.

A lot on stake

With these said a lot of researches believe that, a lot of parameters are to be taken into consideration as there could be huge of personal data trafficking. And the company must make sure that does not happen.

What do you feel about these smart glasses? Will they be secure?

Comment your thoughts below and join us in the discussion.

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