Sputnik V

Indian Pharmaceutical production firm to establish talks with Russia on mass production of the Sputnik V in Indian grounds

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The Indian Immunologiacals LTD has recently announced that potential talks are being organised with Russia on Sputnik V production in India. The firm’s managing director, Dr K. Anand kumar has given a brief about the plans of the company in the vaccine production in near future.

Sputnik V
The first registered vaccine against corona

The Sputnik V is a Russian made vaccine which is expected to be successful against the COVID 19 virus. Developed by the Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology & Microbiology, Russia; this vaccine is also the first registered vaccine against COVID 19.  The vaccine has been successful for the first 2 phases of trials, as per the reports given by the Russian government. Yet phase 3 (human trials) have not been conducting since now.

The MD, Dr K. Anand kumar said previously that

With the live success of the vaccine, the Indian pharmaceuticals manufacturer company, Indian Immunologicals LTD has come forward to establish talks between the company and the Russian institute to collaborate in the production of the vaccine in India on large scale.

The company’s MD, Dr K.Anand Kumar said that, “The talks have been not finalised yet as many ‘parameters’ are to be discussed between the firms. This talk includes the safe transportation of the Russian formula here and also the availability of equipment over here which should match with the Russian tech, until then nothing will be confirmed”, he said.

About the vaccine

The Sputnik V or the Gam-COVID-Vaccine is a human deno viral vector vaccine which is basically a genetically modified virus that creates ‘spikey layers’ around the Covid inducing viruses (SARS COV-2) and thereby stimulating the body to manufacture an immune response to these spikey proteins (as taken by the body).

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Post trails on humans

With this status, the Russian government has also envisioned a vast phase 3 trial for around 40,000 volunteers shortly. And this trail if becomes successful, the Sputnik V will set history becoming the first anti- Covid vaccine in the world.

Agreement with the Australian institute

Also, the Indian firm is in agreement with the Australian Institute, Griffith University in collaborated researches against COVID 19 and for the development of an alternate vaccine for the virus.

From the Central Government of India

In a press conference held on September 8th, Niti Aayog member Dr VK. Paul said that the Sputnik V production in India is been scaled by the Central Government of India and will be conducting human trails shortly.

The measures to produce an anti-Covid vaccine is accelerating globally and for now, the Sputnik V seems to be a viable option as the oxford based vaccine was recently withdrawn with the post effects created on the volunteers. And with collaborative research programs between countries, the process is further pushed forward also establishing a mutual welfare between the countries as well.

What do you feel about the Russian vaccine? Will it be successful in its operation?

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