The understanding between EPS and OPS are similar to the brotherhood between ‘Ram and Lakshman’, says TN revenue minister, Udaya Kumar

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The AIADMK has been one of the dominant powers of Tamilnadu for a very long time. The party has been decorated by many powerful faces of Tamilnadu as its governing bodies in its long history. But with the unprecedented demise of the former CM and the party’s leader Jayalalitha in 2016, the party was all set to go into abyss. 

A success duo

And during this time, the party and the state was led by OPS or Mr O. Pannerselvam.  Soon as ‘Chinamma’ or Jayalalitha’s close friend Mrs Sasikala came into the scene, things begun to take a topsy- turvy spin. OPS resigned his position as CM out of nowhere and again the party’s immediate CM was nominated as Mr. Edapadi k palanisami or EPS. Later due to property acquisitions Sasikala was imprisoned and there happened to be a serious ‘Civil war’ inside the legendary party. The two sides were starting to attack each other until EPS and OPS joined hands once again with a few agreements for the betterment of the party and for the state.


OPS was later declared as the deputy CM of the state by the governor. With a lot of criticism and back talks, the party slowly started to regain stability.

And now almost completing its 5 year tenure successfully, the party is standing once again strongly as the dominant power of the state. With these recalled, the present Revenue minister, of the state, Udaya Kumar has proclaimed that the friendship and brotherhood between EPS and OPS has proved that they are a successful duo and could be compared to that of ‘Ram and Lakshman’, in a Friday party meet answering the reporters post to it.

A military mode of internal discipline

While answering to the press he also mentioned that the party is been governed so properly that a military mode of internal discipline is maintained and no one can disrupt this.

The AIADMK has been undoubtedly of the prominent powers of the state with a vast majority of supporters in its legacy. And this duo has sustained a great downfall definitely.

What do you feel about the duo? Who will secure the seats for the next ‘contest’? AIADMK or DMK?

Comment your thoughts below and join us in the discussion.


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