strategy meeting of AIADMK

Scopes fixed closer to the strategy meeting of AIADMK, happening today. Will the controversies over the CM candidate issue settle?

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With the general assembly elections round the corner, the state’s current ruling party, AIADMK or Agila Indhiya Anna Dravida Munnetra Kalagam has set up a strategy meeting today at the party’s headquarters, inviting a large population of the party members from all over the state. Sources say that the meet is expected to settle a few highly heated disputes of announcing the party’s CM candidate for the upcoming elections with.

strategy meeting of AIADMK
The major agenda of the meet will be

With these said, sources infer that this meeting is mainly happening to decide the party’s future CM candidate as there are right now two internal camps of EPS and OPS in the party. Also, the party’s governance has been bestowed to two teams with EPS and OPS. This will also be made into orientation they said.

Also, the supporters of EPS wish that Mr. Palanisami must be declared as the CM candidate once again, whereas the supporters of OPS deliver that OPS must be also considered equally and should be considered as a potential candidate for the upcoming elections.

These points were initially discussed in a senior members committee meeting which comprised of electricity minister P. Thangamani from the EPS side and the former secretaries J.C.D Prabhakar and P.H Manoj Pandian from the OPS side which were held 10 days ago. These points might also take prominence role in today’s strategy meeting.

OPS recalls an earlier strategy

During the meet, OPS recalled his strategy that was said 3 years ago to set an intermediary steering committee to discuss issues between the two internal camps. But due to certain reasons the current CM EPS found that the solution ‘not working’.

The issues have further escalated with the expected release of the party’s general secretary V.K Sasikala after imprisonment for all these years. She could also be declared as a possible CM candidate for the party.

Exploring legal options to release Sasikala earlier

With the actual date of release scheduled on January 27th next year, Amma Makkal Munnetra Kalagam (AMMK) general secretary T.T.V Dhinakaran visited Delhi last week exploring legal options for getting Sasikala out of prison earlier.

An official from AMMK has said earlier that EPS seeks to conclude the issue before the release of Sasikala as he has ignored the fact that OPS will have to resign his current position in order to let Sasikala succeed him.

Settle your disputes and work on a strategy

With all these issues circling around the party, one of the party’s senior ministers have advised to let down the  difference of opinions arising internally and to set up a proper strategy to this issue as soon as possible.

Keeping all these matters in their plate, today’s meet is taken very seriously from the party’s point of view elaborating various important decisions and for the future of the party as well.

What do you feel about the meeting today? What will be discussed more importantly?

Comment your thoughts below and join us in the discussion below.

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