Sunday to become super Sunday: Who will seal today’s victory as India – Pakistan match brewing around the corner

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The decades-old cricket rivalry between India – Pakistan is to get another go as both teams get ready for their confrontation today on their first matchup in the ICC T20 WorldCup 2020.

India and Pakistan

Two greatest rival countries

What a day today is, as the entire world is seated at the corner of its seat to witness this crucial matchup between the two greatest rival countries the game has ever seen. India and Pakistan have always been a centre of controversies with the political crisis behind the governments with a great history spanning more than half a century. However, in its extension with sports, the same rivalry and intensity have always been followed.

With security concerns, no other regular tours are generally planned between the nations and this has just pulled up the spark and awe for the fans waiting for bigger tournaments like the Worldcups, where they get a chance to see these two mammoth sides test each other.

The Covid intervention

The ICC T20 Worldcup 2020 has been a solid tournament for all the cricket fans and teams fighting for the Worldcup glory. As the tournament was earlier postponed due to the COVID outbreak; the ICC finally agreed to conduct this massive event in the UAE this year. Following the declaration of the final set of teams competing for the cup, the heat has further increased over to the Ind-Pak league match.

The ICC’s bests

India, after recently concluding the IPL, gave the Indian players a chance to refresh their T20 skills. And now with a strategically and statistically powerful side; the nation is all set to enter into the tournament in style; having a winning streak right away from the practice games earlier.

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On the other hand, Pakistan holds for its steady and highly capable side filled with youngsters and experienced players. The ICC’s earlier ranks placed India in the 2nd position and Pakistan on the 3rd among the world’s best T20 sides could give us a sip of how intense the game can get in a span of 40 overs.

Psychological advantage

India also gave the fans a great treat when the BCCI signed MS Dhoni as the official mentor of the T20 Worldcup squad. Dhoni having recently won the IPL leading the CSK seems to be a great mental boost for the team as a whole and could be playing an imminent role in the countries performance this year.

Whatever might be the statistics play, the mental barriers and other sentimental emotions play together as both the countries will have to showcase their best selves both individually and as a core side.

What do you feel about the match today? Are you as excited as we are?

Comment your thoughts and tell us your best India – Pakistan match memory?

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