Tamil Nadu allows full occupancy to cinema theatres ahead of the Pongal festive season

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Tamil Nadu government have provided relaxations for cinema theatres to allow full occupancy for shows owing to a few much anticipated releases.

Established at a very prominent juncture

The Tamil Nadu government on January 4th (Monday) took back its 50% curfew on theatre occupancy after a week following the requests of the prominent actors of Tamil cinema including Vijay and other actors on the curfew.  The relaxation is established at a very prominent juncture, where a few important Pongal releases are expected to release which might improve the economic crisis that the theatre and cinema industry had suffered over the past few months due to lockdowns. Movies such as Master starring Vijay and Eshwaran starring Silambarasan are expected to release for Pongal this year.

Taking the request of the Tamil Nadu theatre association

In the order; on Monday, the government has explained that the relaxation is established owing to the decrease in the COVID count and also taking in accord of the requests from the Tamil Nadu theatre association. 

The theatres are advised to increase the seat occupancy from 50% to 100% maintaining every COVID standard protocols. In addition to this, the government has asked the theatres to screen awareness videos regarding COVID safety measures before the movies, the report said.

Proper social distancing practices?

The cinema theatres were previously allowed to work with 50% occupancy following the 3rd set of COVID relaxations on November 10th and now the current allowance of 100% attendance has led to further criticism as activists worry that no proper social distancing practices can be maintained when 100% crowd floods the theatres.

Exercise to restore economy and livelihood

With all these at the stake, the allowing of full seats in theatres have been issued as an exercise to restore the livelihoods of the people who are directly and indirectly with the theatres.

What will be the situation after the theatres are allowed completely? Will there be safe maintenance of COVID protocols?

Comment your thoughts below and join us in the discussion.

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