Tamil Nadu CM seeks 500 MT of oxygen for treating COVID from the center; PM responds

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In an effort to minimise the spreading of the COVID 19 in the state of Tamil Nadu, the government has been imposing various protocols invloving a total lockdown from 10th to 24th May. Now to meet up with the medicinal needs for the state, the CM had reached the Prime minister for increasing the oxygen supply for the state to 500 MT. The prime minister responds posititvely.

500 MT of oxygen

The CM had a telephonic conversation with the PM where the two had discussed the increase of the medical oxygen supply to 500 MT earlier. The Prime minister later approved the request and assured that the center will stand with Tamil Nadu with its battle against COVID.

An official release to be issued at the earliest

Also, the PM said there will be an official release at the earliest. And asked the state to continue on its massive testing over COVID and to continue expanding the areas under testing.

Stalin had stated that the matter is ‘severe crisis’ in his first ever communication with the center.

Handling COVID decently

The state of Tamil Nadu has been handling COVID decently over the past few months and has been making every possible way to ensure reducing the spreading. This has not been a surprise with the state recently enforcing lockdown for a couple of weeks in the state.

What do you feel about the current situation in Tamil Nadu? Will the additional oxygen supply support the state in its battle against COVID?

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