Tamil Nadu government issues new restrictions following the alarming increase of COVID cases in the state

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The state of Tamil Nadu has been actively dealing with the COVID pandemic and currently a new set of restrictions have been released on Monday (3rd May)

New restrictions from the government

As per the new regulations, there has been stringent focus towards the shops and services in the state. And these guidelines have been declared under the time frame till 20th May. Some of the restrictions issued by the government are as follows:

All government and private organisations are expected to work with 50% labour force.

All public transport including Metro, other trains , taxis and buses will be working with 50% seats only.

All supermarkets will be closed and apart from them, the smaller provisions stores without AC will be allowed to function till 12 in the afternoon.

All other shops excluding groceries will be shut down without any relaxations.

Pharmacies ,milk dairies and other basic stores will remain opened and will function as usual.

All hotels and other food joints will only provide take aways. Tea stalls will function till 12 noon.

All functions involving indoor halls, community halls and sports meets will not be allowed.

Condolences will be allowed only with a maximum of 20 people and not more.

All parlors and salons have remained closed in urban areas and now the services will be terminated over other jurisdictions as well.

Meat market will be closed over Saturdays and during the week days, will function till 12 noon.

And all other restrictions imposed in the previous lockdown will remain in force, said the government of Tamil Nadu.

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What do you feel about the current restrictions of the state of TN? Will these have a positive impact?

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