Tamil Nadu tightens grip over covid restrictions following the sudden rise in the number of cases in the country. Complete lockdown in Sunday’s in effect from tomorrow

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The state of Tamil Nadu is getting heated up with a newer set of COVID restrictions following the hike in the number of cases prevailing in the country. Complete lockdown on Sundays in effect from tomorrow.

Battle against COVID

The last few days have been completely crucial for India in the battle against COVID. An increasing number of cases on one side and the heavy oxygen crisis on the other has totally baffled the government. Though numerous states have already declared lockdowns, the state of Tamil Nadu has joined the list; declaring restrictions in an attempt to reduce spreading.

list of shops closed

The state is already practicing night curfew which came into effect some days before, certain other guidelines are added. The new guidelines involve the closing of malls, movie theatres, and other party halls. Big shops will be closed and other provision stores must function without air conditioning.

Salons, baber shops and certain other shops will be closed until further notice arrives. Hotels, mess and other food joints must function following proper safety protocols and should only serve take aways. Gyms will be closed.

cases gradually increasing

The newer regulations highly target the leisure spots of the state and hence unwanted wandering of the public can be sorted, the government believes. The number of cases over the state has been gradually increasing. To eliminate the risk of cases overflowing, the government has been keen on creating awareness and making proper decisions at the right times.

What do you feel about the current situation in Tamil nadu? Will the restrictions turn positive for the state?

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