Tamil Nadu to witness heat waves in the upcoming weeks; temperature to rise by 4-5 degrees

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The summer is around the corner and even now it appears that the days might get a lot hotter than our regular summer days. A bigger concern arises as the experts have predicted that the temperature might rise upto 4-5 degrees this year.

A hike of 4-5 degrees this year

The sudden hike in the temperatures at the South Indian territory this year has definitely baffled us with the question of how are we going to sustain the heat. The meteorological department has shocked us with the statement that follows that the temperature is likely to rise about 4-5 degrees this year.

Over exploitation of electricity

The extreme heat has been totally observed and regretted by almost every citizen of the South Indian states following which has resulted in the overexploitation of electricity; says a report.

The increased number of air conditioning and other cooling appliances have let to the hike in the electricity consumption. In a report, Tamil Nadu’s overall power demand has been increasing consistently over the last few weeks, but at 10am on Thursday (April 1), it touched an all-time high of 16,561MW. The state’s total consumption for Thursday stood at 364 million units. Thursday’s peak demand is a new record compared to previous one of 16,151MW, which was attained on April 3, 2019.

In comparable

This consumption is almost comparable with the time of ‘Complete lockdown’, says a source.

However, this demand for more power has defintely put a pressure on the power production and transportation services, says TANGEDCO. Along with electricity, the need for renewable resources is also at stake as the country moves forward.

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Highly heated up election campaigns

On a lighter note, it’s also really astonishing that the election campaigns which are at going on full scope have not dropped down a notch following the cruel heat.

What will be the situation of the state by May? Will the heat and the rule find middle grounds?

Comment your thoughts below and join us in the discussion.

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