Tamil Nadu’s death toll rate over COVID has greatly reduced over the past weeks

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The state of Tamil Nadu has faced a great toll on the COVID death toll over the past months. The state has been trying constantly to reduce the spreading and reduction in the death toll rate of the state. And now a positive news has created a great hope that the death toll is highly reduced now.

The report from the health and sanitation department of TN has said

Over the 257 COVID testing centres of the state, around 50, 209 samples have been collected from the potential patients. In this, 462 people have been found positive for COVID and are admitted to respective hospitals and health centres. And with all this data, we clearly understand that the level of people getting affected and the people getting cure ratio has been improved. In addition to this the rate of people who lost their lives over the pandemic has also reduced to a greater extend says an official.

The food safety minister was registered with the vaccine yesterday

The food and safety minister of Tamil Nadu was registered with the covaxin vaccine yesterday to motivate other people to get injected with the vaccine and to immune themselves from the virus. This method is followed all over the country with the prime minister Narendra Modi recently got his shot of covaxin as well. All these awareness are done primarily to remove the panic the people have over the vaccine.

He also advised the people should not show any hesitation with the vaccine as it is the only way to stand against the virus that has caused all this menace.

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What do you feel about the current situation of Tamil Nadu with the vaccine? Will the situation get better?

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