Tamil Nadu’s night curfew to commence from today, Sunday’s will be under complete lockdown

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With the surging number of COVID cases pertaining over Tamil Nadu, the state government had earlier imposed a complete lockdown on Sundays and a night curfew from 10PM to 5AM.

Night curfew

The government declared few restrictions lately on account of the COVID spreading. These restrictions includes a night curfew that will be in effect from today. The curfew will be maintained from 10PM till 5AM. Following this, the government has also imposed a total lockdown on sundays.

No public transportation ?

The night curfew has created a little confusion amongst the public, as those who travel to long distances might have to reschedule their plans as no public transport will be in effect. The government has also advised the peoples to maintain atmost safety in social distancing and also to make sure to come out only on high priorities.

High alert situation

The country is on high alert following a sudden hike in the number of Covid cases. And the government is doing everything to bring it under control. The states of Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra have already declared lockdowns.

What do you feel about the current situation on COVID in India? will there be any improvement in the extreme situation?

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Stay home stay safe!

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