Tamilnadu registered the maximum number of COVID vaccines in a day; 4.3 lakh jabs have reported, says the sanitary department

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Over the rising willingness erupted from the people over COVID vaccination, the state of Tamilnadu marked its highest point of vaccination in a single day. Around 4.3 lakh doses jabbed as per reports.

1.32 crore vaccine doses have been administered

Across the state, around 1.32 crore vaccine doses have been administered and there has been a steady increase in the willingness of people to get themselves vaccinated over the last few weeks. The 4 lakh count was contributed by people of almost all ages who took either their 1st or 2nd dose of the vaccines. The union ministry earlier reported that a total of 42,75,722 persons have taken the first dose and 37,476 the second dose in the 18 to 45 age group. Across the state, a total of 1.32 crore vaccine doses have been administered so far.

5 lakh people daily

This increase in the interest in the minds of the people to get vaccinated has been on an upscale as many people have been seen queuing up outside government hospitals and primary health centres (PHCs) as early as 3 am. A senior health department official said,” The state’s population is said to be around 7.5 crores and as per the data available, as of now we must be vaccinated not less than 5 lakh people daily. As of now, we have an average of 1.5 persons getting vaccinated, but that has to more than double to get the entire population vaccinated. Now that the Centre has taken over the vaccine supply, we have been pressuring for more supply”

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Kattur in Tiruvarur district

The Tamilnadu state government is expecting at least 3 crore doses to be made available to Tamil Nadu next month (July). Also, Kattur in Tiruvarur district became the first village in Tamil Nadu to achieve 100 per cent vaccination of the eligible adult population. The agricultural village has a total population of 3,332 people of which 2,334 people were above 18 years.

The demand for vaccination in the state has been increasing each day, as the government must make sure that the demands are properly met.

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