Temporary shelters went shapeless due to rain, but not the spirit of the farmers! Where is the Delhi protest headed?

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The recent rains in Delhi have highly affected the farmer’s shelters over there. The heavy rainfall and highly frigid temperature have resulted due to the eastern winds.

Stubborn Calamity

The farmers taking part in the Delhi protest had to face another stubborn calamity when they were attacked by a stormy heavy rainfall along with powerful winds the morning of December 30th. The farmers have joined arms together helping each other mutually to sustain the rough weather in Delhi.

Worst climate causing waterlogging

 The waterproof tents were soaked along with the firewood which worsened the case.  The protesting farmer’s leader Abhimanyu Kohar, a member of the Sankyukt Kisan Morcha, said farmers have waterproof tents but they cannot protect them from biting cold and waterlogging. “The situation is very bad at protest sites due to rain which has caused waterlogging. There is so much cold after the rains, but the government is not able to see our misery,” he said.

Clouding and eastern winds

According to MeT, there was heavy rainfall over the city of Delhi on account of the clouding and eastern winds circulating over the city.  And right now the weather is getting worsen day by day says the farmers who have stationed over there. Several activists have taken the responsibility to help the farmers who have been drained by both the weather and the government.

6th and the final discussion with the government today

The government has also established the 6th series of discussions with the farmers. And the situation is escalated where the farmers have further warned that if this discussion won’t go in the farmer’s way, they have decided to march to Delhi on January 26th, they said.

60 farmers dead till now!

Also with this, the weather has also has led to the demise of almost 60 farmers over the course of the protest, sources say.

What do you feel about the situation of the farmers protesting in Delhi? Will the government support them or stop them?

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