The Britons blame the BJP for delaying the earlier agreed export of OxfordAstraZeneca vaccines

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The Britons have blamed the BJP party over the delaying of COVID vaccine to Britain. They feel this might be in retaliation to the reponse from the Britain government over the Farmers protest issue.


The Britain government has blamed the Indian Government over the authority of the BJP party for the delay over the export of the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine. The vaccine was earlier promised to Britain following its sudden increase in COVID cases.

The vaccine produced by the Serum Institute of India (SII) was to be sent to Britain at the earliest in order to reduce the sudden hike in cases. 5 million doses were to be sent initially followed by additional doses based on demand.

High handed?

The Daily Mail has even ridiculed Modi that what to expect from him after he names an enormous stadium after him. They even called Modi, “contemptuous”, “high-handed” in their article.

Daily mail article

Author, historian, and director of the Crisis Research Institute in Oxford; Mark Almond wrote as “The decision to block vaccine exports by the Indian government — led by the vain Narendra Modi, who seems increasingly bent on becoming Prime Minister for life — is an act of blatant populism,” in the Daily mail earlier.

The country of Britain has gone through a heavy blow with 2 severe waves of COVID affecting almost 1.26 lakh people. The country is trying in every way possible to reduce the effect the situation has imposed on the country and now the vaccine delay has definitely been a subject of heavy criticism

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What do you feel about the delay of vaccine? Does BJP hold any reasons behind their act?

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