The Chennai High Court has said ‘no’ to the ban of online classes

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The Chennai High Court has said ‘NO’:

The educational sectors all over the world has taken a huge leap forward into the digital arena as a result of the constant lock downs the country has underwent. With online classes becoming a regular routine in the lives of the children, voices have risen against online classes due to the post trauma the children are let to suffer. A few of them also report that the average screen time of the children has increased and hence this has affected their eye sight as well. 

Affects the eye sight

With the voices against online education has increased a petition was filed lately at the Chennai HC explaining the fact that the constant screen time affects the eye sight of the children and even there is a chance that the kids might find themselves prone to malware websites.

The Chennai High Court has said ‘no’

The country is marching towards digitalisation

On the debate, the advocate representing the central government answered that the country is marching towards digitalisation and there has been clear set of rules and restrictions circulated to the schools and colleges conducting online classes. And hence the safety of the children is assured, also if the schools are found violating these rules, severe action will be issued, he said.


No ban for online classes

Listening to the arguments of both the parties, the judges M.M Sundaresh and R. Hemalatha concluded that there will be no ban for the online classes. Also, the schools and colleges were advised to follow the guide lines that the state government and the Central government had issued.

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The online classes have become a day to day burden for the children in a real perception. Also, this online education is not affordable by many people of the country. Digitalisation might be good but for now the public feel that they were no place closer for such a leap.


The country has been facing huge crisis in all the aspects on account of the covid lock down. With the government trying in every possible way to improve the country’s position back to normalcy, online education is a boon at one far end. But the real question is where we ready for this?

What do you feel about the conduction of online classes? Will the nation accept this change or will it step over it? Comment your thoughts below and join us in the discussion.

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