The female dependency ratio in Tamilnadu has gone uphill in Tamilnadu as women seem to outlive men

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The women of Tamilnadu seem to outlive men as a new survey suggests. Female old-age dependency has been found to be high in the state next to its neighbour Kerala.

Women in Tamilnadu outlive men

In a survey taken over senior citizens, it has been found that women in Tamilnadu outlive men following a hiking dependency ratio as they grow older. The old-age dependency ratio is the ratio between the number of persons aged above 60 and the number of persons aged between 15-64.

This dependency ratio is significantly high as compared to males in states like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab, for the current projected year.

The age difference between the man and the woman

In the 1970s and 80s, the average age difference between the man and the woman during marriage used to be a minimum of five years and even 10 years in some cases. And most male members used to die 10-15 years earlier than the female members.

Another reason for women living single is the growing trend of micro families in these two states. “In Tamil Nadu, especially, once the children get married, parents decide to live separately. Hence, even after the death of the father, the mother decides to live separately,” Professor Arokiasamy said.

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