The Online Duo; The story of a trendsetting couple of South India

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Individuals have been achieving things daily. The world has shown newer achievements and accomplishments. A couple from South India has changed the trend by becoming one of the First Tamil Couple YouTubers. The stars of the interview are Adi and Mahi. They make Vlogs, pranks, travel and lifestyle videos. In this interview, we are talking about their YouTube journey and how to balance passion and profession.

FC INTERVIEWER: What one event inspired you to start YouTube? 

ADARSH:  Actually, it started from Mahi, my wife, who took the initiative to start the YouTube channel. At the initial stage, we posted videos to make new friends and not creating massive things. We wanted to get connected to people.

FC INTERVIEWER: Which video of yours got a huge hit?

MAHI: A couple of months ago, we made a video on a Palace. We never expected that video would get hit.

FC INTERVIEWER:  How was your life Before and After YouTube?

ADARSH: Before YouTube, we have only a closed circle of friends. And Now people started recognizing us. When we go outside, at least a few will recognize us. They come to us and start talking about our channel. That gives motivation and drives us both.

FC INTERVIEWER: Which video did you enjoy the most while shooting?

MAHI: We enjoy making couple-videos that we make together that would be more fun. The specific video was our love story episodes. We get nostalgic and cherish all our memories.

FC INTERVIEWER:  How do you balance your work life?   

ADARSH: Passion drives everything away. And as we are together, we try to motivate ourselves.

FC INTERVIEWER: Approximately how much time do you spend on YouTube every day?

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ADARSH: Maybe two to three hours per day for choosing concepts. We start discussing the topics. And usually, we dedicate our weekends to make YouTube videos.

FC INTERVIEWER: Who plays the Major role in Handling YouTube? 

ADARSH:  Since I work in a Mechanical Firm, I cannot handle it full-fledged. So, Mahi Plays a Major role in handling.

FC INTERVIEWER: What difference do you see on YouTube at the beginning and now? 

MAHI: In the beginning, People post it as a hobby. But nowadays, it is changed as our revenue generator.

FC INTERVIEWER:  Do you have any target audience?

ADARSH: No, we concentrate on all kinds of audience school kids to older people. We even received a voice message from a grandma praising our video. The family audience can watch our video without any embarrassment. 

FC INTERVIEWER: How do you handle negative comments?  

ADARSH: Before we are entering YouTube, we planned to ignore negative comments. We get minimal negative comments, so we never spend time worrying about it. We get thousands of lovely comments, so we enjoy reading them.

FC INTERVIEWER: What will be your tips for the budding YouTubers?

ADARSH: First thing is consistency. The other one, they should concentrate more on the content. They should create quality content.

FC INTERVIEWER: We wish you all the very best for all your future endeavours and videos. And your journey would be an inspiration for the upcoming YouTubers. Keep entertaining us!

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