The South Indian 40 year miracle; let’s pay a visit to the spiritual Athivaradhar temple in Kanchipuram

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Have you ever thought of worshipping an Indian deity for only once or twice in your entire lifetime not because you chose to; but you have to. If you haven’t known about this earlier then let me introduce to the Athivaradharaja perumal temple in South India, Tamil Nadu.  

A brief history 

The Athivaradhar temple is located in the south Indian town of Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu. And if you are still thinking about the ‘awe factor’ I told you about, then here it is. This particular idol of the Hindu deity will be only visible for devotees for just two months once in 40 years.   

Yes! You heard me. Only because of this long duration of time in between; you could possibly view the idol only once or twice in your whole lifetime. Well there are other methods of reformation of temples once in12 years called the ‘Kuda muluku’, this pause of 40 years is slightly a long one.  

The mythology aspect 

The reason behind the 40 year gap that the idol is immersed in the temple’s pond according to Hindu myths is that, the great Brahma who wanted to create a big Yaga once, forgot to call goddess Saraswathi to the ceremony. Out of temper the goddess made an oath to destroy the ceremony by turning her into a massive river. But as Brahma sook the help of lord Vishnu or Perumal, the god turned himself and laid on the current of the river blocking it and avoiding catastrophe. As a token of gratitude Brahma made the idol of the lord Vishnu as in his lying form from the wood of ‘Athi maram’ and added the idol to his  successive yaga’s. As wood can be heated from fire, the fire from the yaga heated the idol and so as the lord himself. And when Brahma was confused on what to do to reduce the heat of the lord’s body, the lord asked him to immerse his idol in the temple’s pond for 40 years and asked him to worship him as a big festival on his return. And this routine has sustained the time limit the people said. 

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Also a more logical explanation is that the people associated with the temple had to hide the statue and the materials of the temple from the British hands. And that was the reason behind the 40 year wait.  

In 2019 

With the routine follows till date, the idol was recently put on for display on 2019, in Kanchipuram where lakhs and lakhs of people from the President of the Nation to a regular worker poured into the city and almost flooded it. The people were so amazed on seeing such a live miraculous idol of god that has won the loop of time. 

Whatever might be the logical or scientific reason behind the 40 year gap, the belief of the people is just so soul lifting.  

Did you saw the Athivaradhar statue last year? Do you know anymore trivia about the statue? 

Comment down and join us in the  discussion below. 

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