The Tamil Nadu industries have started recovering since COVID relaxations

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The TN auto industries have started to recover production post COVID lockdowns. Yet the plants have started to begin production gradually on account of the two day public holiday declared by the Government of Tamil Nadu on the ‘Nivar’, cyclone.

the production is set to gradually increase over the plants soon

least affected

The auto industries in and out of Chennai can now take a slight breathe of relief as the cyclone has left the city and the industry least affected. And hence, they can resume production gradually.

Also with the demand for automobiles have also sky rocketed post COVID lockdown as the people have just started to come outside gradually.

Balachandran, president, Ambattur Industrial Estate Manufacturers Association (AIEMA) said earlier that,” We feared that the cyclone may affect us in a big way. But there has been no heavy rainfall. The water stagnant in the industrial estate has also cleared quickly. The city authorities have also fixed the power issues. There is no extensive damage”. And this is definitely a good news for everyone associated with automobile production and use.

Heavy demand for commercial vehicles

According to the reports from the automobile manufacturer’s perspective, they say that barring heavy vehicles, there have been heavy demand for other commercial vehicles. Yet due to the sudden price hike by the raw material suppliers; the production cost per vehicle has gradually increased. This may or may not affect the pricing of the vehicles.

The Nivar effect

With these in account, the Nivar cyclone has costed hundreds of vehicles which are currently in use by the people and hence the need for newer spares and vehicles also will increase much higher than expected says a prediction probability.

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