The worst is yet to come: Bill Gates addresses his predictions about the next 4-6 months

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The US has been severely affected by the COVID, as their major economy has crumbled along with a humongous death rate. And right now the future predictions are also not very promising for the country as their economy might go into another depression; says the US business magnate; Bill Gates.

Worst for the country

In recent weeks, the US has been experiencing record high cases, deaths, and hospitalization. COVID-19 has so far claimed more than 2, 90,000 people in the US. In this case, Microsoft’s co-founder and philanthropist; Bill Gates has said that the next 4-6 months could be the worst for the country amongst the pandemic situation.

Previously predicted

Gates in a press conference said as follows; “Sadly, the next four to six months could be the worst of the pandemic. The IHME (Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation) forecast shows over 2, 00,000 additional deaths. If we would follow the rules, in terms of wearing masks and not mixing, we could avoid a large percentage of those deaths,”

Gates also mentioned his previous predictions in 2015, that a pandemic might occur and the loss was calculated earlier; but yet there has been no satisfactory work that has been done so far, said Bill gates.

A global urgency

Gates and his firm has been heavily funding research agencies in the aim of finding vaccines and other therapy for the COVID and has also collaborated with  CEPI, which is the second biggest funder after the US government.

Gates also said that the severity of the virus is gradually getting worse day by day and there is a global urgency for every patron of science to find a possible solution for the vaccine, he said. The pieces of the puzzles are found and now it is time to put them at the corresponding places, he added.

Doing his best

On a later note, Gates appreciated the American people for choosing Biden as their new president, as he believes that Biden is ‘doing his best’, in order to bring back everything we lost he said.

He asked the people to stay strong together and support each other and await a positive response at the earliest.

Bill Gates has also approached Indian pharmaceuticals for combined research in order to find the vaccine as soon as possible.

What do you feel about the statements given by gates? Will his words create new awareness among America?

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