TN reduces the COVID vaccine wastage by just 3.9%

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The COVID vaccine has been a crucial piece of resource over the last few weeks and it is the only defense against the COVID pandemic. And currently, the state of Tamil Nadu has cut short of the vaccine wastage by just 3.9%

From 8.33% to 3.9%

The state of Tamil Nadu has been constantly fighting COVID 19 as the number of cases continued to increase. At this juncture, the state had also filed a wastage of COVID vaccine by 8.33 percent topping the charts when compared with the fellow states of the country.

In the most wastage records Lakshadweep tops in 22.74 per cent. Among states, Haryana is on the top with 6.65 per cent of vaccines being wasted.

Return of unused vials

The wastage has been recorded following the nurses returning the number of unused vials. And such returned vials are considered wasted. “Following our advice to all hospitals to minimize wastage, the percentage in Tamil Nadu has come down to 3.94%. Vaccination is being provided in more than 4,000 centers across the state. At many centers, many still open the vial and wait for patients, leading to wastage,” said a senior official in the state health department.

Demand for youngsters

He also added that “Many refused to take the jab when vaccines were opened for people aged 45+. Though in urban areas, many were ready, in rural areas, the awareness is less. This is the main reason for the wastage,”

Though the state has reduced the wastage limit, the number of people vaccinated still remains short. The vaccines have been not sufficient as yet the 45+ have not completed their turn. And now not more than 500 youngsters got the vaccine, say reports.

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The state can now start focussing in adding more vaccines in their list of requirement soon with the 3rd wave becoming inevitable and is likely to affect infants and the youth over a large scale.

What do you feel about the reduced wastage in the state? Will this be the start for acquiring more number of vaccines for all?

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