Trump has returned

The American President Donald Trump has returned safely to the white house after a 4 day treatment battling COVID

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President Donald trump has returned back safely to the white house after successfully batting COVID last week. Doctors have said that he is not completely recovered from COVID but is showing strong positive signs.

Trump has returned

Saluted the marine 1

Trump has returned safely to the white house

The US president was discharged from a military hospital where he was admitted for his COVID treatment. The President when discharged removed his face mask stood in the portico facing the South lawn for a few minutes and saluted the marine 1.  

In a mass email trump also addressed his supporters that he will resume active campaigns shortly.

Don’t let it dominate your life

While addressing to the people gathered to see him; Trump said that,” I’m telling you: Don’t be afraid of this. Don’t let it dominate your life! This is the greatest country in the world and under my administration we have developed some really great drugs and knowledge. We will beat this together” he said.

He also added about the love and support the Americans had for him and mentioned those patriotic medical workers who relentlessly helped him in his fast recovery. 

Walter Reed national medical centre

He was discharged from the Walter Reed National Medical centre after a successful combat against COVID for 4 days. 

While talking with the doctor who treated trump, Dr Brain Garibaldi, the director of John’s Hopkins Biocontainment unit said that the president was given a 3rd dose of remderivir and he tolerated it well. His kidneys and liver continued to function well. And hence we found it positive evidence to discharge him, he said.

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He’s a fighter

Trump’s former White house press secretary, Sarah sanders said that the president was strong, upbeat and handled this very well. She added that,” He’s a fighter and will not quit battling this virus and surrender to the liberal mob and forces out to destroy our country”, she said.

With this, we can believe that the president is very well back into action and will work for the country even efficiently.

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