US embassy site crashes after students swarm to book their visa slots

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The US embassy’s official site crashed earlier when many students logged in at a single time to book their visas. While the students keep trying to book their parts, the site seems to be having glitches.

Crash in the website

After several months of lockdown and other restrictions to enter foreign grounds, the Indian students who are currently aspiring to continue their studies abroad have resumed formalities to obtain their VISA’s. And unfortunately, after many students logging into the website for their visas, the site crashed making their process t stop.

The embassy in their tweet pointed out as,” Please remember, do not refresh too often, as you may be locked out of your account. Appointments remain available at all posts, and we will continue to add appointments as conditions allow,”

Blocked without prior notice

Also, the embassy had said that the students who refreshed the page too many times were blocked for 72 hours and later the site went under maintenance that caused the inconvenience. Though the tweets were replies by students inferring that their accounts were blocked without any prior warning.

Earlier, the  consulate in Mumbai conducted a webinar on June 10th elaborating the facilities for students who apply for the visa’s and the embassy to made a comment suggesting that the visa allocation will be given top priority.

Following the matters, a student had also said that there were no clarity to the opening of the time slots for the visa’s.

What do you feel about the crashing of the site? Will the hardships of the students be rectified?

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