Vaccination drive takes pace in Tamilnadu; deaths reduced and spreading controlled over lockdown

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The state of Tamilnadu has finally shown good results after weeks of steady hardships. The death rates in the state seems to have decreased following the reduced spreading after the steady lockdown.

Maximum deaths

The latest COVID news has been satisfactory for the Tamilnadu people as the number of cases and the death have been reduced to a larger extend. Since March 1 an analysis shows that maximum deaths happened in the state between May 15 and June 1, a rise of 42%. which was a huge burden.

In a report, 28,528 people died in Tamil Nadu from April last year to June 10 and 7,363 people succumbed to COVID between May 15 and June 1 which is the highest this year. And in comparison with last year’s reports, the rate has come down from 1.43 on April 1, came down to 1.19 on May 1, and on May 29, it was 1.14. And this is definitely a great success for the health sector in Tamilnadu after last year’s devastation.

Reduction in the spreading of the virus

On the other hand, the spreading has been declining over time following the continuous lockdowns established so far. The condition of the state is not yet under control but yet, the way ends in a place where the people can be a lot safer than they were a couple of months ago.

The state health and sanitary department whereas feels a bit more responsible as they have to keep track of those who got cured over the last few months and should ensure they are maintaining protocols to end the chain of spreading. And this position is just a milestone over the long run. Earlier, the CM of Tamilnadu; MK Stalin had actively went around the disctricts with maximum cases and took the matter with atmost care.

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Coimbatore tops the charts

As far as Tamilnadu, Coimbatore tops the chart with the highest number of cases. The sanitary department has been working hard to maintain safety. CM Stalin visited the district earlier and ensured the state is in safe hands.

Though the government is taking all measures to control the pandemic, it is obviously the responsibility of every citizen all over the country and the state to follow every COVID guidelines there by doing our part in the battle against the global pandemic.

Stay home! Stay save!

What do you feel about the current situation on the state? Will the situation turn a lot fruitful over time?

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