VJ Archana and the story of her cinema

VJ Archana and the story of her cinema

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You become what you aspire! And when you are not afraid to face the odds against your dream, nothing could stop you from winning. Today, we have with us one such personality who has achieved great things in her short entrance into media. With diverse and powerful roles as an actor and VJ, let us hear her story of cinema! 

FC interviewer: What was your inspiration to enter the media?

GUEST: It all was a childhood desire to enter into the media. I was very passionate about television and pushed myself to my dream.  And as I progressed slowly; I wasn’t very sure that without any influence, that would I get any opportunities. In those situations, I think that it was time and luck that favored me and without my own knowledge I had this manifested the burning desire for a long time, I guess. And that is why I’m in this place that I am right now.

FC interviewer: Who is your greatest inspiration?

GUEST: ME! I would always like to inspire myself and become my own best self. Because I can’t be someone else, rather; I take myself wherever my instincts take me and that has been very productive for me.

FC interviewer:  Could you tell us how your journey blossomed?  

GUEST:  My parents were actually unaware of what the media was, to be honest. My father was a professor and all he wanted me to do was to have a degree, get a 9 to 5 job and live a normal secure life.  But somehow I went beyond his hands and took my part in the media. I began everything with TikTok and dub smash.

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And as I said, with a tricky strict family, my wings were not clipped but tied. All I had was my room and I could do my things only there. And I did that. But slowly, my videos earned me my first job as an anchor in the ‘Aditya channel’. And soon I stood on the doors of a very well renowned channel without anybody’s influence. I was there for like a year or so and now I’m on Vijay TV performing in a serial that wasn’t even on my bucket list.

FC interviewer:  How do you look at fame?

GUEST: I don’t actually take it to my mind. The reason is, if we are satisfied with where we are, my belief is that I will stop at that place itself. I want to achieve more.  I am not even considering that people know me. I work and see each day as it’s my first day.  

VJ Archana and the story of her cinema

FC interviewer: How do you handle criticism?  

GUEST:  Starring as a negative character in our teleserial, I obviously earned a lot of criticism. I usually get the name as I’m overacting but that’s how the character actually is. I work to the satisfaction and justification of the character I portray. But I don’t take these comments to my mind. And with the negative comments; I’m just happy I’m good at what I’m doing now.

 FC interviewer: What would you like to tell the budding actors?

GUEST: I won’t call them budding actors rather someone who has dreams of getting into the industry. I would like to say that if I can do it, anybody can do it. That is what is the only thing I would like to say to people who are having some dreams about coming into the media industry without having a media background. All you need is to just work hard a little bit and be persistent in where you’re going. That’s it. 

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FC interviewer: That’s really great! Thanks for your time with us and we really appreciate your sincerity and hard work which you have earned till now. We also wish you all the very best for all your aspirations in the future.

GUEST: Yeah! Thanks.

Like we were told before, no matter where you are, how you are, sheer hard work and persistence can get you anywhere just like our guest today.  And that’s with today’s interview. Join us in our future expeditions in discovering humanity and focusing on the bright side of hard work and life. Comment your thoughts and feedback about the interview and be sure to follow us on Instagram.

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