WHO scientist Soumya Swaminathan shares a ray of hope, Says no strong evidence to point 3rd wave to be hard on infants

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Scientists have said that though chances are there that children will get affected there has been no stable evidence to prove that the new strain has special virulence over children.

Establish solid pediatric healthcare infrastructure

Dr. Swaminathan, also a pediatrician is still warning that children might get affected over the course of time to COVID, but will not have specific severity. She added to establish solid pediatric healthcare infrastructure.

In her interview to the Print, she said, “As the vaccination program expands, they start with the elderly. Therefore, younger people will be more susceptible as you start giving immunity to the older people and So far the variants we have seen do not have any specific effect on children. We know that children can get infected and transmit the infection — ultimately schools and colleges will need to open,” she said.

Uncertain over the infection on children

The parents have been advised to be completely cautious with the children owing to the rising cases in India. Following this, Dr. VK Paul; one of the key members in India’s battle against COVID, said, “It is uncertain that a wave would affect children specifically. Till now, children have displayed similar seroprevalence as adults, which means, they are as much affected as adults.”

Soumya has also said that the organization has been learning about the Delta strain which originated initially in India. “The Alpha variant, first spotted in the UK in 2020, was 40-50 times more transmissible than the original Wuhan strain,” she added that “On clinical severity, it’s not clear yet and that’s where we need data from India”

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Scale up surveillance

And as per the government she advised to ensure the government should now scale up its surveillance, including genomic surveillance, conduct research, data analysis and keep a close eye on certain key public health indicators.

With the virus spreading at its top severity currently, the news from WHO’s leading scientists has been a true melody to the ears of the Indian masses.

What do you feel about the news from the scientist? Will the countru strive the 3rd wave if it exists?

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