Will AIADMK get backed in Pollachi in spite of the sexual assault case? What will be the situation in the traditional vote bank of Tamil Nadu this time

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The Pollachi sexual assault case created great sensations all over the country following heavy regrets on the AIADMK party over time. And currently, with the assembly elections around the corner, the support for the party in Pollachi might become a question mark.

Silence treatment

The Pollachi sexual assault case is a great black mark in the history of Coimbatore. The issue involved so many women and their pleas to not abuse them in the videos still echos in our ears.

With almost every woman standing against the issue when it came to light in 2019; the people were shocked to see the ‘silence’ treatment from the government in the handling of the matter. Later after a period of time; the AIADMK’s student’s wing secretary, Arulanantham was jailed and sacked away from the party. The people then thought that the issue will create a severe impact on the polls in 2021. The real question is does the incident still make a difference in the elections this time?

Keeping their views to themselves

Some people have said that the case is never an issue currently and the people have very well moved on. While other people who are still forging in anger upon the matter are silent as they are keeping their views with themselves.

From the political point of view, the rival opposition party DMK has filed a new face in Pollachi against the AIADMK as the candidate has been an orthopedic surgeon for the past 30 years and has gained a good name for his services. The opinion in the minds of some women says that the elder generation is still backing the ruling party.

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Stalin’s promise

Following this, Stalin in one of his campaign speech has promised that if he assumes the seat, the convicts of the incident will be definitely subjected to the consequences.

What will be the result in Pollachi? Will the mixed opinions prevailing over there find a common ground?

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