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COVID lifestyle

As human beings we are known for our adaptive nature since our shift from apes to Homo sapiens. Our evolution has been keenly based on better methods for living or can also been known as lifestyle. This has been reflected in our pages of history. And now, with the present pandemic situation, we have definitely taken a huge leap in both our life style and mind sets.

COVID lifestyle
Work from home

With almost most of working population and educational sectors closed for a few months completely over lockdown, there stood an urgency to ease off work pressure. And there came the idea to work from home. The IT sectors bloomed using this method. And following IT, the educational institutions too started working online. With online classes from almost kinder garden stage we have moved a bit more digitally.  

17% increment

This new way of life is completely depended on the internet. About 17% of increment is observed in the annual internet usage of this year according to a survey. This includes people who have just now started using the internet.

Less time consuming with maximum efficiency

Online shopping sectors have sky rocketed over the past few months and people have started to actually feel better with this digital upgrade as this is less time consuming with maximum reach or efficiency. There is definite improvement in the trading sectors which function online as a result of all these.

Equity arena

Though this is a better way for the future ahead, we do have a few cons here and there. The principal one is the over consuming of internet in the hands of kids that might cost them their lives. Many people have reported to have subjected to heavy work load as of working from home. And these practical issues does put a black mark in this digitalisation. Also in a developing country like India, the internet facility is still a blue moon for many people and hence this cannot be taken as an equity arena for all.

No one was prepared for such a sudden outbreak neither a digital update, but as of date, this has become the way of life and hence the only option is to find better solutions in this present lifestyle that has no negative impact on our lives and health.

What is your opinion on the online lifestyle we are learning now?

Comment your thoughts below and the join us in the discussion.

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