Trump resumes his election campaign

The US president Donald Trump resumes his election campaign after a short pause owing to his treatment with COVID

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Trump resumes his election campaign

The 74- year old American President Donald Trump resumes his election campaign with the people after a short break he took to battling COVID successfully.

Trump resumes his election campaign
 A week at the Military hospital

The president was lately diagnosed with COVID and was admitted to the Military hospital where he was under treatment for 4 days.  After recovering and showing positive symptoms, he was discharged on certain terms and conditions to follow.

A comeback on Monday

With these said, the President has also made a comeback to the election campaigns after his short break he took from the COVID treatment.  The president met his supporters yesterday at Florida and mentioned that, “It’s great to be back in my home state, Florida, to make my official return to the campaign trail”, he said.

Thanks to your prayers and wishes

While addressing the gathering the president thanked the people for their support and care and prayers which helped him to recover at god speed.

He told the gathering that,” I am so energized by your prayers and humbled by your support”.

Talks whether he was negative in COIVD were concluded

The president after being discharged from the hospital, straight away began his public works and that created a little fear in the people whether he was tested negative or not. In order to clarify this, the hospital has recently declared the president as ‘Negative’ quoting him fit for the public.

The virus is disappearing

Trump on his speech also mentioned that the country is fighting strongly against the virus and hence the in a matter of time the virus will be completely evaded. He said this by quoting that,” the virus is disappearing”

Trump’s immediate return to the campaigns have been a little surprise for the political face of America and yet he has simply proved his ability and love for his people.

What do you think about Trump’s strategy for now? What will be Joe Biden’s response to this?

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